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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable component of retirement planning. Life insurance serves many different purposes from passing wealth to future generations to building cash value to supplementing retirement funds or paying living benefits for nursing home or inhome health care.


Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are also known as Part C of Medicare. These plans are a form of managed care provided by priviate insurers who take over providing Medicare Parts A and B benefits. Additional health care expenses are also covered through the plan's newtwork of providers. Often Part D is built into these plans.

Medicare Supplement

A Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance are policies sold by privite insurers and pay after Medicare Parts A and B have paid. These plans can cover a majority of cost sharing expenses. Any provider that accepts Orginal Medicare (Parts A and B) will accept Medicare Supplemnets.  Part D is not included in these plans and must be purchased seperately. 

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is the federal government's prescription drug program. Policies are purchased from private inurers. Technically this is optional coverage. However, if enrollment is delayed without having other credible coverage, penalities are incurred and will last a person's lifetime. 

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental and vision care are essential to your well-being. Too often people do not have this coverage. Dental and Vision are not covered by Orginal Medicare or by Part C or by Medigap plans. Also, many employed people do not have this coverage available from an employer. Policies are available that can meet individuals needs.

Critical Illness

Cancer, heart attack, stroke or coma are all expensive medical conditions.  Being diagnosed with one of these illnesses can lead to medical bankruptcy. Crital Illness insurance can either pay a lump sum benefit or can pay a set amount per day or per prodedure.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning includes reviewing current assets and identifying their possible  reallocation so to save thousands of dollars in taxes and then use these tax savings to generate significantly more income in retirement, while at the same time, reducing the overall risk of the  retirement portfolios.


Your Trusted Insurance Professionals

When it comes to insurance, whether its Life, Disability, Annuity, 401(k), Medicare, Dental or Supplement, one size does not fit all. When working with clients, time is taken to understand their needs and goals. Various analytical tools can be used to help guide the client through this process.

Once needs and goals are established, recommendations will be presented and adjustments made. Final decisions are made by the client, and only after careful review and understanding of the recommendations.

Yearly reviews are conducted to ensure the client's selection continues to meet their goals as time goes along.


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Worth Thomas, WT Consultants

"For the majority of my career, Elaine Enis has been a positive and influential presence, both as a friend and fellow entrepreneur. Fast forward to 2020, when Elaine launched EE Benefits Solutions to help people with insurance and healthcare needs just before a life-changing pandemic shocked our world. Her mission is to help people navigate the journey to affordable healthcare coverage that will sustain them to and through retirement.

We all have options, but my recommendation goes to Elaine Enis. She embraces innovative ideas and has a flawless work ethic. Above all, Elaine has a “service before self” drive to maximize client benefits and deliver top-notch healthcare solutions.”

Shelley Baur, Chief People Officer, LSI Staffing HR Solutions



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